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Guardall System of Canada designs produces and markets security surveillance and special systems. We provides security solutions for the commercial, systems, and residential markets.

Guardall System of Canada has always been at the leading edge of the electronic security business, providing customers with high quality, state-of-the art solutions. During the course of our history, we have developed several product lines.

We believe in long term relationships with our partners and customers, as testified by our unwavering commitment to provide backward compatible technology that allows our customers to use most of our older hardware with our new controllers and platforms.

Although founded many years earlier the company recognizes the acquisition by current owner. At that time the company was not an industry leader, so the goal of the new owners was for Guardall System of Canada to become the best supplier of video security, intruder security, door access, fire alarm security and other special security products in the industry. In order to do that, they realized that first there had to be a huge transformation in the company's corporate culture. One of its first steps was to immediately design a number of programs for achieving 100% Customer Satisfaction and to initiate employee performance incentives based not on quantity, but on quality. Guardall System of Canada has an extensive customer base, selling its more than 100 finished products.

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